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This is just an introductory post and I will keep it brief.

Data Buzz is started with a Tax Resource but that’s not it. Over time we plan to add lot more.

It currently has following features.

– Your geo/gender specific tax rank in Pakistan according to the tax amount you filed for financial years 2012-13 and 2013-2014.

– Geo/Gender specific Top tax payers charts

– Geo/Gender specific tax details of Cities and towns.

I will compose a detailed post on how I was able to put it together and what resources have been used. Right now just wanted to give a bit of detail about the resource as well as pay my regards to the people who helped me to make it possible.

Thank You @pudo for your help with tabula in extracting those gigantic pdf files.

Thank you Asif Ansari for the sleepless nights you worked on the front end.

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